Heritage Building Services

Historic Building Consultants

For the past 25 years, historic building owners, historic property buyers, public historic sites' boards and building preservation groups have turned to us for evaluations, investigations and detailed advice on the repair, preservation and maintenance of their historic buildings..

Some of the consulting services provided:

Troubleshooting & problem solving complex old building issues.
Complete evaluations of all structural components and mechanical systems.
Identification of original historic features and later additions.
Retrofitting new systems while maintaining historic character.
Appropriate use of historic building materials and methods.
Moisture investigation & management.
Historic & commercial building inspections, at Tri-County Inspections.
We provide consulting services that includes a detailed documentation of the property, recommendations and suggested resources. We encourage preservation of our architectural treasures. Combining experience with research, we can offer sensible solutions and affordable options for sometimes complex issues in preserving or restoring historic buildings. We are not contractors and do not sell any products or additional services.    Contact